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A simple, affordable and intelligent hotline platform 


Bring your global compliance hotline into the 21st century

Let your employees and third parties connect to your compliance hotline anywhere, in their language, with their device, and using the method that is most convenient for them.


Configure, deploy and communicate with ease

Setting up a global hotline system traditionally takes weeks and months to roll out and communicate. IntegraCall® provides a simple and easy solution that can be rolled out within a day or even a few hours.


104 free language options in one app

Let your employees and third parties report in their language and have reports automatically and immediately translated. IntegraCall® provides integrated in-app language support and eliminates the delay of translating cases submitted in a foreign language. 



100% anonymous reporting and mobile follow-up capability

Powered by IBM Watson, our intelligent agent takes an interactive interview with the whistleblower. And whistleblowers and investigators can communicate anonymously and exchange further vital details on the case in real time. 

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Complies with strict data privacy regulations and security policies

Are you worried about the General Data Protection Regulation or privacy protection laws in other countries? IntegraCall® is designed to be fully compliant to privacy regulations, allowing you to focus on your cases and investigations. 



Tailored interview scripts to meet your organisation's needs

IntegraCall® is highly-configurable, so you can fully customise the interview scripts and processes to meet your company's guidelines and policies. 



Case management for complex investigation processes

IntegraCall®'s Case Manager helps you manage incidents from beginning to end, throughout case triage, conducting investigations and implementing remedial actions. 



What makes it innovative?

We built our solution to be an effective reporting system with significantly reduced cost. This gives you more time to focus on strategic work while also saving money. 


Thought leadership

Why app-based misconduct reporting solutions work better

App-based hotlines or helplines can be more reliable and user-friendly than those serviced by human beings. For the compliance industry, this provides an exciting opportunity to maximise security, anonymity and confidence among potential whistleblowers by changing the way misconduct reports are received and managed. Now is the time for the entire industry to ditch human-serviced telephony ethics lines and move to app-based ethics hotlines manned by chatbots.