How does an anonymous speak-up platform make it more likely that employees will share feedback?



The rationale is simple.

When employees do not need to fear losing their job or some other form of retaliation, they are more likely to share concerns or feedback to you.

No one likes to expose themselves as victim, or as a potential target for retaliation.

 Employees are 70% more likely to report if an anonymous reporting option is available.
— The Red Flag Group

These days, employees are less likely to accept working in an unsafe or unhappy environment.

The benefit of having an anonymous speak-up platform is that the employees can share concerns with you as they come up. There is no need to wait for a formal performance review to express their problems.

You know that getting ahead of issues can save far more work and problems in the future. It’s better to let employees speak up before things have gone beyond control.

Key takeaways //

What this means for Compliance and HR functions?

  1. Be there.

    Make anonymous reporting your killer app to connect with your employees. Two-way anonymous communication is here now.

  2. Be useful.

    Make your systems useful to help you discover fraud, financial irregularities, unsafe workplace issues and employee misconduct.

  3. Be efficient.

    With an Artificially Intelligent chatbot leading the conversation with employees, you receive all necessary information upfront. This helps you to make quick, accurate triage decisions and ensures that any investigations are as complete and effective as possible. Making you and your team as efficient as you can be.