8 major influences on your employee productivity

Major influences on your employee productivity

What affects employee productivity would affect your business growth. The negative impact can be massive enough to affect your business grow. When you have disengaged employees, they are likely finding excuses not to attend work or may turn out as bad ambassadors for your brand.

In this post,

  • You will learn about the eight major influences on your employee productivity.

  • You will learn that you need a tool that can help you discover your employees' concerns.

  • You will learn that you need to rethink your strategy and how can you capitalise on your employees' concern to help you make better decisions for growing your company. 

What we have learnt in developing programmes related to workplace harassment, these are the eight reasons that have negative impact to employee productivity.

1. Undefined roles and responsibilities

When roles and responsibilities are not clearly defined, employees may not fit well in the team and this can lead to confusion regarding task or project ownership. When there is no clear ownership of the project or task, you may not know who is accountable, who should deliver what, how could you be sure that this team can produce result and positive impact to your business?

2. Unclear communication on organisational changes

Organisational changes are expected and are part of any business. However, when certain changes happen, they pose a risk to personal or team balance, and requires individuals to take different actions. Usually, making a change is to help the organisation to scale up for competitive advantage or to provide better services to customers. When a change is not clear, it creates confusion. Employees are confused about what action they need to take after the change. This stop the organisation to get to where this change was intended to go.

3. Gossip and rumour mongering

Gossip and rumours can be very destructive to any organisation. It is like a virus from a carrier spreading over to other victims, in a short time span. Rumours occur when there is lack of clear, and frequent communication. Employees who are uncertain about the information is acting cautious. If this is not clarified quickly, it will be soon become panic and concerned, that makes them disengaged at work.

4. Bad company reputation

When employees are ashamed or embarrassed about working with the company can lead to employee disengagement. A company which has negative media coverage, is considered as not trustworthy or a bad employer because it treats employee badly. No employee wants to be associated with a company considered as a bad employer.

5. Lack of career development or employee benefits motivation.

Working in a company without career development or benefits as motivation is like someone sailing in the middle of an ocean without a direction, you are not getting to anywhere. To get your business growing, your employee must be growing together with the company. Giving your employee a reason to grow with you is a crucial factor drive your company grow to the next level.

6. Work conflicts can turn into workplace harassment.

Work conflicts can destroy your employees' passion at work. Conflicts can happen in teams or small working groups failing to agree or reason on each other’s views. Different communication or work styles can generate power conflicts. When there is no channel for your employee to share about these concerns, it can develop into workplace harassment.

7. Employee recognition

Efforts are not being appreciated. Imagine you are hardworking that you have devoted your time to get something done better and quicker, turn out your manager take all credits in the leadership meeting. When you find out your manager did not appreciate or say a word about how good or fast you have finished the work, I can ensure you will be very disappointed. You will never want to be so engaged in the next task.

8. Top-down poor communication or misunderstanding.

A manager is like a captain in a cruiser. A captain must be able to communicate precisely the intention of the message, so that he can successfully guide his crew. A manager who fails to send a consistent message, provide clear direction or communicate frequently with the team member will lead to unwanted business results.

How do you discover these concerns?

To summarise, your employee may be upset, dissatisfied, worried, or concerned about things that happened in the workplace, and you may be unaware. How do you discover these? You absolutely cannot see what is coming if you have not developed any mechanism to detect any negative activities in your company. When an employee lacks motivation, it reduces productivity, generate frustration, and spreads the negative energy to others.

Time to rethink your strategy

You may have policies, training programs, guidelines to help your employees, however, you should pay attention to how you capture your employees' concern. Develop an effective hotline program for your employee to share concern, this will ease your mind. Select a suitable tool that works for you. It can help you to gather employees' honest feedback, listen to them will help you grasp better. You will make a better decision that grows your company.

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