Empower your millennials workforce

Empower your millennials workforce

Millennials are generally those who are born between the early 1980s and early 2000s. They reach adulthood around the turn of the 21st century.

“How Millennials Could Upend Wall Street and Corporate America” reported,

  • Millennials will constitute at least 33 percent of adult Americans by 2020 and;

  • 75 percent of the workforce by 2025.

Like it or not, millennials will become the future leaders in most business. Organisations cannot afford not to coach, mentor, and empower the millennials. Many believed that millennials will change the business landscape and traditional business model.

In this post,

  • You will learn about how important to empower the millennials workforce.

  • What benefits can they bring to your organisation?

  • What do you need to do cultivate a culture that works for the millennials workforce?

So, what are the benefits of empowering the millennials? What opportunities millennials can bring to your workplace?

Innovation and efficiency. Millennials are impatient, but impatience is the fuel to drive creativity and innovation. Innovation is about finding efficient ways to solve problems. As millennials strive for work-life balance and intolerance to stagnation, they are willing to take risks finding efficient ways to get things done. Their impatience drives efficiency. It leads the organisation to create better business opportunities and gain competitive advantage.

Increase engagement and productivity. Good communication in the workplace is one of the key elements to business success. It stimulates exchange of ideas, problem-solving, and increases employee engagement. Millennials are willing to accept different ideas, opinions and try new methods. Empower collaboration would increase employee engagement, productivity, and unity in the organisation. Millennials will harness their strengths to achieve organisation goals and benefit the organisation.

Capitalise through technology advancement. Most millennials are tech-savvy, and some tech-dependent. Technology plays a vital role in the business world today. It brings more business opportunities and to solve problems. Many technology-related innovations used in business and our daily work life. This includes machine learning, internet of things and artificial intelligence. Millennials have inborn ability to adapt to technology changes. Millennials are better than other generations to master new technology. This benefits your organisation grow faster when you have a major millennials workforce.

Become your organisation’s brand ambassador. Millennials are regular internet users and active on social media. They were born into a world embracing and adapting to rapid evolving technologies. A 2015 Pew Research survey identified that 90% of young adults are likely to use social media. Millennials enjoy sharing experience working in an organisation. The positive experience sharing would attract talented friends to join your organisation. With a few clicks away, it helps you to save time and money on recruitment advertisement.

To begin cultivating a culture that works for millennials, we recommend:

Give regular feedbacks

Millennials value frequent feedbacks and regular reviews more than annual performance review. Regular reviews allow them to develop and improves skills they need to be a leader. Constructive feedback helps them to achieve goals and address improvements. Weekly one-on-one is a good avenue. It addresses concern and discuss possible solutions, while keeping millennial employees motivated. They feel empowered to improve and perform well.

Building an effective hotline to encourage speak up and feedbacks

An effective hotline allows your millennials employees to speak up. Pay attention and be open to the perspective and suggestions these millennials offer. It makes the employees feel trusted and valued. Millennials motivated to grow together with the organisation.

Embrace Transparency in the workplace

Transparency fosters trust and holds individuals accountable to achieving the outcomes. It makes employees feel that their work is meaningful. It drives team performance, engagement and motivation to grow with the organisation. Be transparent and make corporate goals clear, to win millennials employees.

Employing strategies that cater for their diverse needs

Flexibility is one of the important attributes in a desirable workplace. Giving leeway is one way of helping millennials to grow into leadership positions. This encourages creativity. It helps millennials to achieve the work-life integration which they are striving for. Flexibility also increase millennials' productivity and engagement.

Develop Corporate Social Responsibility program

Millennials are the purpose-driven and cause-engagement generation. Building social responsibility would give them a chance to spearhead the social project. It develops their leadership potential, while giving back to the society and community.

To summarise:

Millennials are the unique breeds. No one should underestimate the opportunities millennials can bring to an organisation. They can bring great changes and make you a great organisation. They are seeking to grow with you while they need assurance that their opinions are being valued. It is time to rethink your strategies to motivate, retain and empower millennials.

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