Event-based routing: Reduce compliance team’s burden and improve case management efficiency

Increase efficiency

If you have a large organisation or if you have a small team to manage large amount of compliance works, it can be challenging to maintain the work efficiency.

In an ideal world, you would want ‘someone or something’ that can manage your case assignment so that your team or your stakeholders would be able to follow up case directly with the reporter.

  • If you are still using EXCEL spreadsheet to track all your employee reports, you probably should continue to read on.

  • If you have a considerable or constantly growing workload and a trend of growing employee reports, it might be time to consider event-based routing.

What is event-based routing?

Event-based routing is a strategy used by the compliance or HR team to match with the report misconduct and employee location, then route the report to the relevant responsible officer(s).

For example, if a case is reported by a Dubai employee about work harassment, then this report should be routed automatically to the HR Manager based in Dubai. The manager should be the first person to response to the event and begin to communicate with the reporter via case management platform as soon as possible.


Why event-based routing can benefit your team?

Improve efficiency – you can make more time for the work that matters

Imagine you already have a tool to automate your case assignment. The responsible officer will receive the case immediate after it is reported.

First, you don’t have to worry if you have overlooked or forgotten to follow up.

Second, your reporter will get quicker responses directly by the responsible officer because they are working in the same time zone or same location.

The report does not need to wait until your working hours to get assigned. Don’t miss the opportunity to empower your teams to work round-the-clock with the event-based routing tool.

Streamline your workflow

You don’t have to think about who to assign the case to each time you receive new reports. The event-based routing helps you to assign to multiple responsible officers instantly.

When you have a structure change in your organisation, you can update the existing workflow as easy as you flip a coin.

Reduce costs, reduce waste, reduce stress.

Removing the complexity and time challenge to support your employees. This frees up your time and ease your stress level as you don’t have to be there 24 hours just to manage the case assignment. Don’t waste time and brain juice on keeping track the assignment.

The tool should do the job for you.


Get the right tool to help you reduce your team’s burden and improve efficiency.

IntegraCall® is the case management platform – not only provide the option to setup event-based routing based on your strategy. It allows teams to stay focused on the open cases and to communicate and collaborate. You can work with your team, other teams and also teams outside of the company.

You can prioritise and organise case according to your organisation’s definition. A single view to see which case you should be working on first.

Delegate tasks that are out of your capacity to the other co-owner or investigator.  Assign tasks to external investigators.

Interested to learn how?

The Red Flag Group® has many years’ experience in developing programmes related to workplace harassment as well as whistleblowing. We also provide hotline and training services to support the successful operation of your programmes.

If you wish to understand more about effective hotline and case management products, schedule a call with us.