Powered by The Red Flag Group's professional service teams, we're committed to delivering the latest news and best-practice case studies in developing and managing effective whistleblowing programmes and conducting investigations. 


Here are a few of regular contributors.


Scott Lane

CEO & Founder of The Red Flag Group

Scott is a well-known speaker and thought leader in the compliance space, and has worked in the anti-corruption and compliance industry for over 20 years. Apart from leading The Red Flag Group to be the innovative compliance solution provider it is today, Scott has produced numerous thought leadership whitepapers and articles that have been published in major publications and often quoted by global compliance leaders. 


Jenna Kim

Product Director, CFE

Jenna leads the development of IntegraCall® hotline services for The Red Flag Group. She used to be a lead editor of Compliance Insider magazine before the publication merged into The Red Flag Group's insight blog in 2017. Based in Seoul, Jenna leads third-party audits and anti-corruption training for multinational companies, and, with help from IBM, recently turned cognitive-technology savvy.


Sanday Chongo Kabange

Project Coordinator, Due Diligence Products

Based in Hong Kong, Sanday leads numerous due diligence projects around Asia-Pacific, Europe and Latin America for The Red Flag Group. Sanday was previously a journalist for major publications in Africa, Europe and Asia, and he is a powerful blogger and social media opinion leader on compliance and anti-corruption areas.



Andrew Henderson

Director of Solutions

With abundant experience in risk assessment, audit and investigations across the globe, Andrew has been a compliance pioneer and industry opinion leader in EMEA markets since 2008. Based in London, Andrew shares deep insights with the region about the growing needs and challenges of adapting to the changing local regulations.


James Crookston

Associate, Professional Services, CFE, CCEP

Based in Phoenix and working closely with the teams in Panama and the Philippines, James is a skilful investigator who leads due diligence and compliance projects in the Americas. James is a certified ethics and compliance professional who helps corporate clients improve their compliance programmes and internal control systems.


Pauline Leung

Senior Associate, Professional Services, CFE, CCEP-I

Specialising in investigating corruption and M&A due diligence projects in China, Pauline is a compliance veteran advising on anti-corruption compliance and regulative affairs for multinational companies. With her vast experience across the sectors, she understands the specific risks of the region and how to implement internal control systems to reduce risks in business.