Increase the likelihood
of detecting fraud and corruption

Empower more “watchers”

Give an easy and safe-to-use tool to let your “watchers” help you detect compliance.

Make reporting easy

Often employees, or even your suppliers, customers are willing to report when they witness or suspect a fraud if they know how.

Empower to speak up
Anonymous mobile chat with employer

Have a safe and effective hotline

Safe to report

Give options to your employees to make anonymous report via a safe and secure platform.

Anonymous chat with employer

Allow employees to communicate with you to support your investigation on anonymous platform.

Track progress

Let employees keep track their cases. Two-way channel will help to gain their trust in using your whistleblowing platform.

Support your team to work effectively

Team collaboration

Empower your team to collaborate and work together in one platform. Makes it simple to exchange findings with investigators and responsible officers.

communicate with whistleblower

Allow your team to communicate with the whistleblower when they need more information or want to provide updates.

Make investigation easy

IntegraCall® allows you to communicate with whistleblower even it is reported anonymously.

Support your team to work effectively

a platform that works for the employees and case officers