Our Executive Team


Scott Lane

Scott lane, CEO

Scott, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, has a background in legal, compliance, internal audit, export control, ethics and corporate governance, providing counselling and advice to senior management throughout the world in the development of legal and compliance practices. Scott is the founder of the business and remains actively involved in its strategic direction. Scott has degrees in Law and Information Technology.

Andrew Henderson

Andrew Henderson, VP

Andrew is the Vice President of Products for the business. In his previous roles, Andrew has assessed, designed, implemented and managed compliance programmes for multinational organisations across a wide range of industries. Andrew has been involved in the design and development of IntegraCall®, the ComplianceDeskop® | Compliance Technology Platform, and retains a key interest in using technology to support compliance. Andrew has degrees in Law and Information Technology.


Mike Chew, managing Director

Mike Chew is a technology executive that manages the entire business of IntegraCall. Mike is responsible for all operations, product development, support and customer engagement. Mike has had a long career in technology development and has been with the business for over 5 years.