Which global hotline obstacle do you need to overcome?


Global hotline telephony services are traditionally expensive and take time to roll out. Response times also tend to be slow for reports made in less-common languages because of the lack of interpreters.


As a result, companies struggle with:

  • A massive spend on system maintenance up to millions of dollars are spent to maintain the system – a cost which continuously increases without adding value
  • Constant risk of delayed follow-up – the delay in actions taken when a case comes from overseas means more exposure to risk
  • A broken internal control system – employees are not encouraged to instantly report misconduct

Communication channels and their forms are evolving


‘Text messages now outrank phone calls as the dominant form of communication’ (2015, Forbes)

‘Most Americans would rather type it than say it, report says’ (2015, Chicago Tribune)


What an effective hotline reporting platform should be

  • Simple and affordable to implement and maintain
  • Easy to access from anywhere, anytime
  • Promptly responsive and connected
  • Communicated in local languages
  • Configurable to company needs and policies
  • Compliant to local jurisdictions’ regulations
  • Integrated with a case management system




A simple, affordable and intelligent hotline platform that enables you to instantly take action and follow up a case, wherever it comes from, while ensuring you are compliant to local regulations


How IntegraCall® resolves obstacles and secures the effectiveness of your hotline system