Features and benefits


Configure, deploy and communicate with ease


Set it up once for all employees everywhere

IntegraCall® with Watson uses an artificially-intelligent conversation chatbot that speaks more than 100 languages. You set it up in one language (English), which is immediately translated to 104 languages. Your employees can utilise a new reporting channel in their own language and with their own devices.

The advanced cognitive technology is agile and adaptive, which significantly reduces the time and effort spent setting up and implementing your hotline reporting system globally.


Practically no rollout process – employees can install and start using the app themselves

IntegraCall® is a mobile app that is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Employees can install the app themselves and start using it immediately. 


No burden of maintaining numerous local and international phone numbers

With IntegraCall® there are no local or international call numbers (which for many companies often total over 100 numbers globally with some countries having multiple different lines for each country), meaning there is no confusion when employees want to report. 


IntegraCall® provides considerable cost savings over traditional hotlines


Our pricing is competitive and affordable for any size of company. Whether your company has hundreds of thousands of employees or is smaller-scale, you can save up to 80 percent compared to traditional hotline services.


Extensive and free language support in one touch


104 languages included with no extra fees

No need to pay extra money to add one more line for a less-common language. No need to wait for an interpreter. With IntegraCall®, 104 languages are available in the one app, making it accessible for your employees worldwide at no extra cost.

Find out which languages are available in the IntegraCall® mobile app.


Language can be changed at a touch

All languages are built into the app. No need to look up the local toll-free number – just one touch will let you use the app and report in your native language.

See how easily you can change the language in the IntegraCall® app. 


Free translated report instantly delivered to the case management system

Translations happen in real time and are immediately delivered to the case management system, enabling compliance officers to quickly respond to any urgent issues. This automated translation service is totally free.


Intelligent mobile app


Our conversational chatbot conducts interviews, talking reporters through what they need for their type of case

There are too many types and levels of misconduct for a standard questionnaire. IntegraCall® analyses the relevant risks from the start of the process and recommends the appropriate intake mechanism. It uses a cognitive interview process to help determine case triage and kick off effective investigations.

Our virtual compliance agent is trained by compliance experts and investigators to collect relevant information for a streamlined, efficient process.


A secure and private communication method in a format that is more user-friendly than phoning a call centre or filling out a web form

  • Based on a reporting channel that employees are more comfortable with
  • More secure
  • Investigators can directly connect with anonymous whistleblowers using private messages

Direct and instant follow up, letting reporters choose to receive updates or check on case progress at any time and communicate directly with the investigator via instant message

IntegraCall® is more connected, easier to follow up reports on, and faster. Reporters can be notified of or check on case progress, from case opening to close. They can communicate directly with the compliance officer or investigator via the app, and can upload files directly.


Compliant with local regulations


Ability to run different interviews and store data on local servers based on where the reporter is located

IntegraCall® offers the ability to run different interviews in different countries to meet local guidelines. It also allows companies to apply their own guidelines (for example encouraging reporters to discuss concerns with their manager), comments and rules (for example making it mandatory for reporters to provide their names).

IntegraCall® is built with best practice in mind, so you don't need to worry about the risks that come with regulation changes.


Compliant with EU data protection – built to best practices and adaptable to meet local regulations

Easy-to-implement global anonymous reporting system that is compliant with your organisation’s policies and guidelines.


Configures to meet your structure and reporting needs


Smarter workflows and interview questions that are fully configurable based on your organisation’s needs and policies

Smarter workflows and scenarios for interview questions, which can be fully configured based on your needs and guidelines.


Misconduct categories, questions and wordings that can be easily changed

IntegraCall® is based on agile technology, so misconduct categories and interview conversations can easily be changed or adapted to suit your requirements.


Fully monitored and auditable

Can you monitor and control how the person operating the call centre responds to the whistleblower? Do you know who takes the call when a hotline report is made? Can you trust that person to take the appropriate next steps?

With IntegraCall®, all conversations and interview scripts are monitored and auditable as well as changeable as you need.


Case Manager

Powered by the ComplianceDesktop® Compliance Technology Platform

IntegraCall® offers an advanced case-management tool designed by investigators and compliance officers to manage incidents from beginning to end, throughout case triage, conducting investigations and implementing remedial actions.


Review case information and triage

  • Immediately get notified when a report is made via the IntegraCall® mobile app or online form
  • Cases submitted in foreign languages are automatically and instantly translated
  • Add new cases manually if required, so you can track and manage all cases from all channels in one place
  • Conduct triage on the case to determine the possible impacts and risks for the case and take faster escalation steps

Formulate your investigation teams and collaborate

  • Assign cases to internal or external teams to conduct investigations
  • Store all relevant information and files in one place so that those who have access to the case can collaborate
  • Easily connect to the anonymous whistleblower by exchanging messages and files in real time
  • Restrict access so only those who are allowed to see and share the case can see the investigation information and case status, to protect information and privacy

Be informed as cases progress

  • Monitor and be notified of any progress on cases that are relevant to you
  • See recent activities and updates on all cases that are happening globally via the dashboard
  • Easy-to-navigate overview of all cases, including case statuses, number of open cases, number of closed cases and investigation progress
  • Run searches by case level, keywords, case owner, period, misconduct type, location of the event, case status etc.

Follow up and report

  • Create remediation plans
  • Schedule tasks and send and receive notifications
  • Statistics provided for all cases, including the actions taken and remediation plans, and an analytics tool so you can review all cases and trends and use the information to proactively prevent further misconduct


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