IntegraCall® Hotline

IntegraCall® is accessible 24/7/365 from your mobile and the web

  • Mobile- and web-friendly to make it simple for whistleblowers to make a report
  • No pre-registration process
  • Allows anonymous reporting
  • Ability to exchange notifications and messages through the reporter’s personal device or website for follow-up tasks
  • High security and data-protection commitment



IntegraCall® mobile app

  • Native app, so users can easily access the platform from their own devices
  • Over 100 languages are supported, and users can change the language with one touch
  • Interviews can be conducted either by text or speech – whichever the reporter prefers
  • Users can create private and anonymous accounts and maintain anonymity
  • Investigators and whistleblowers can directly and anonymously connect using in-app private messages
  • User-friendly design with play-and-learn interfaces
  • Users can easily upload photos and other files directly from their devices
  • Reporters receive automatic updates as their case progresses

To make a report via IntegraCall®, you can simply search the incident location from the map


IntegraCall® web portal

As an alternative to the mobile app, IntegraCall® also provides a web-based reporting platform that allows whistleblowers to submit cases, check case statuses and chat with investigators.

  • Intuitive web design walks reporters through the necessary questions so they can easily complete the report
  • Anonymous reporters can communicate and exchange files with investigators safely within the encrypted system

Integrated with Case Manager 


IntegraCall® is integrated with the ComplianceDesktop® Compliance Technology Platform, an advanced case-management tool designed by investigators and compliance officers to manage incidents from beginning to end, from case triage to conducting investigations and implementing remedial actions.