Extensive and free language support in one touch


104 languages included with no extra fees

No need to pay extra money to add one more line for a less-common language. No need to wait for an interpreter. With IntegraCall®, 104 languages are available in the one app, making it accessible for your employees worldwide at no extra cost.

Find out which languages are available in the IntegraCall® mobile app.


Change the lanuage with one touch

All languages are built into the app. No need to look up the local toll-free number – just one touch will let you use the app and report in your native language.

See how easily you can change the language in the IntegraCall® app. 


Free translated report instantly delivered to the case management system

Translations happen in real time and are immediately delivered to the case management system, enabling compliance officers to quickly respond to any urgent issues. This automated translation service is totally free.