Intelligent mobile app


Our conversational chatbot conducts interviews, talking reporters through what they need for their type of case

There are too many types and levels of misconduct for a standard questionnaire. IntegraCall® analyses the relevant risks from the start of the process and recommends the appropriate intake mechanism. It uses a cognitive interview process to help determine case triage and kick off effective investigations.

Our virtual compliance agent is trained by compliance experts and investigators to collect relevant information for a streamlined, efficient process.


A secure and private communication method in a format that is more user-friendly than phoning a call centre or filling out a web form

  • Based on a reporting channel that employees are more comfortable with
  • More secure
  • Investigators can directly connect with anonymous whistleblowers using private messages

Direct and instant follow up, letting reporters choose to receive updates or check on case progress at any time and communicate directly with the investigator via instant message

IntegraCall® is more connected, easier to follow up reports on, and faster. Reporters can be notified of or check on case progress, from case opening to close. They can communicate directly with the compliance officer or investigator via the app, and can upload files directly.