Our Approach

Technology Rules

We start with the Technology not a call-centre of sleepy agents waiting to type in a record into a system. We use the AI solutions from IBM With Watson to build an App first solution that is smart, easy and highly effective. We focused on building technology solutions to fix the problem of engaging with whistleblowers not building call centres.

Our most important ‘employee’ is Nicole, our AI driven chatbot that helps people report their complaints, feedback or recommendations through the platform.

Significantly less expensive

The costs of running a whistleblower program can be tens or hundreds of thousands per year. We think that is ridiculous.

We want to use technology to save you 70% on the traditional analogue call centres and put the savings to work to conduct the reviews and improve the issues that are raised by your reporters.

Nicole is quite inexpensive to operate and works 24/7.

User Friendly

Any country. Any language. Any Device. Everyone and anyone can operate the App or the web portal and report on an issue. It is very easy and very simple to follow up. No need to speak to anyone, just follow the prompts on your device.