Our Business Drivers

Value for Money

Our Business driver is to provide value for money. We believe that the market should be disrupted with technology and that AI and App-first solutions have to drive that reduction in cost. Coupled with the removal of call centres and having humans sitting around waiting for phones to ring means that the costs are lower and the price to the customer is also lower.

Exceptional Customer Service and support

The number one feedback that we hear from existing clients of the traditional ‘hotline’ business is the poor customer service, the price gouging and the endless additional fees and services being added at every opportunity. We break that model with our relentless focus on our customers and making their experience with us absolutely fantastic.

Simple and Cool

We want to have solutions that are cool, tech enabled and highly intelligent using all available technology and solutions in the market. Using chatbots (we call her Nicole), and associated technology from the IBM With Watson stack means that we can drive our solution to be simple, cool and highly valuable to our clients and the people that want to use the service.

The traditional ‘hotline’ is all about compliance. Reporting when things are bad and at a crisis level. They were the last ditch effort to provide a reporting function to, generally, an employee, when all else failed. We think this approach is very legalistic, compliance only driven and not really what is needed in today’s business climate.

Our model is that the more that companies can learn about what is going on, the more they can gather feedback, the more they can increase engagement with employees, and the more they can provide a mechanism for the reporters to engage, the better. Find out through your own mechanisms - rather than a letter or a dawn raid from the Government.

The easier and more effective that you make this process the more likely such an action by the Government will be removed.