Bring your global compliance hotline into the 21st century

Managing a worldwide human-serviced hotline system is costly and requires a lot of resources to maintain. However, thanks to IntegraCall®, an intelligent technology solution for misconduct reporting, companies are now able to manage their global hotline services through whistleblowers' own handheld devices, meaning they are more accessible, simpler to roll out and cost-effective.

IntegraCall® offers maximum value – far beyond a typical hotline service


Saves time and money

Simple and affordable to roll out and maintain

With IntegraCall®, there is no need for reporters to find or remember a phone number to access the system – it’s always accessible from their personal devices and always responsive. You set it up once for all employees, from anywhere in the world. You also save a considerable amount of money when compared to traditional hotlines.

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Lets you instantly take action – anywhere in the world

Immediate interviews in local language; case reports delivered to you without delay

IntegraCall® supports 104 languages at no extra cost and has free instant translations delivered to the case management system, enabling compliance officers to quickly respond to any urgent issue in whichever language the issue was reported in.

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Offers a smarter way to report and follow up on cases

Artificially-intelligent mobile app solution

Incorporating the power of artificial intelligence with IBM Watson, IntegraCall®’s interviews are led by a conversational chatbot that walks whistleblowers through what they need to report. The conversation is encrypted, secure and private compared to talking over a landline or using a web-based reporting system. This provides much-needed assurance to whistleblowers who are always afraid to report misconduct to fellow human beings for fear of retaliation.

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Configurable to meet your structure and reporting needs

Tailored interview scripts and fully-monitored process

IntegraCall® is built to be configured to meet your company’s structure and reporting needs. It has smarter workflows and interview questions, which can be fully configured based on your organisation’s requirements and policies. It has well-differentiated misconduct categories, questions and wording that can easily be changed to your preference.

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Compliant with local regulations

Totally adaptable to each jurisdiction’s standards and regulations

Since IntegraCall® can run different interviews and store data on local servers based on where the whistleblower is located, it is adaptable to local jurisdictions’ standards and regulations. IntegraCall® is EU data protection compliant and is built to meet local regulations.

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Integrated with an end-to-end case management platform

Manage incidents from beginning to end, from case triage to conducting investigations and implementing remedial actions

IntegraCall® is integrated with the ComplianceDesktop® Compliance Technology Platform, which enables you to:

1. Track and store all whistleblowing reports in one safe place

2. Keep track and follow up with ease

3. Open a secure communication line with the whistleblower

4. Track and record the progress of investigations in one centralised case file

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