Configure, deploy and communicate with ease


Set it up once for all employees everywhere

IntegraCall® with Watson uses an artificially-intelligent conversation chatbot that speaks more than 100 languages. You set it up in one language (English), which is immediately translated to 104 languages. Your employees can utilise a new reporting channel in their own language and with their own devices.

The advanced cognitive technology is agile and adaptive, which significantly reduces the time and effort spent setting up and implementing your hotline reporting system globally.


Practically no rollout process – employees can install and start using the app themselves

IntegraCall® is a mobile app that is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Employees can install the app themselves and start using it immediately. 


No burden of maintaining numerous local and international phone numbers

With IntegraCall® there are no local or international call numbers (which for many companies often total over 100 numbers globally with some countries having multiple different lines for each country), meaning there is no confusion when employees want to report. 



IntegraCall® provides considerable cost savings over traditional hotlines

Our pricing is competitive and affordable for any size of company. Whether your company has hundreds of thousands of employees or is smaller-scale, you can save up to 80 percent compared to traditional hotline services.