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Why app-based misconduct reporting solutions work better than traditional landline hotlines

The last three years has seen a surge in the number of well-known companies being fined heavy penalties for failing to act on reports of misconduct within their organisation...


Developing a whistleblowing culture in the APAC region

Since the United States introduced the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, the world has seen a rise in regulations designed to keep businesses accountable and foster a culture of compliance among employees...  Read more →


Common issues with hotlines, and what you can do to solve them

Just like many other tools used in compliance, a compliance and ethics hotline is only as useful as the knowledge and training of the individuals using it allow it to be.

Here we discuss some common issues with hotlines, and what you can do to solve them...  Read more →


The impact of the recent ENRC case on litigation privilege in the United Kingdom

Legal professional privilege is a common-law right that allows parties to be free to get legal advice (advice privilege) and be able to prepare for litigation (litigation privilege) as fully as possible without the risk that any opponent will be able to see the material generated by those preparations... Read more →


How to encourage a culture of ethics where employees can safely speak up

A September 2014 independent assessment by non-profit organisation Blueprint for Free Speech rejuvenated debate in the compliance industry when it found that a considerable number of the world’s G20 countries have no specific laws protecting people who flag illegal activities or unethical conduct such as corruption, bribery and fraud within a private or public entity... Read more →


Harnessing artificial intelligence for managing risks

In today’s business environment, detecting and managing risks is becoming very complex, costly and time-consuming. But managing those risks – whether they are business risks, regulatory risks, cyber risks, financial risks or compliance and integrity risks – is essential, as the cost of failing to detect and efficiently manage these risks can be humongous.. Read more →